9 lakh families of Rajasthan will now get ration at home

Rajasthan News Desk!!! Bhajanlal government of Rajasthan will provide ration at home to some selected families of National Food Security Scheme from next month. The government had announced this in its first budget, in compliance with which this initiative is being started.

Food Department Deputy Commissioner Ashish Verma said that we have instructed all the concerned district logistics officers to distribute ration to the identified families from July. He said that at present more than 9 lakh families in all three categories will get the benefit. Wheat will be delivered in bags and ration dealers will also get a separate honorarium for this.

These three categories of families will get ration
Under the National Food Security Scheme, eligible senior citizens, Divyangs and beneficiaries below 18 years of age will not have to stand in queue outside ration shops for wheat every month. The ration dealer will get commission per beneficiary on home delivery of wheat. 14 lakh 46 thousand 283 members of 9 lakh 14 thousand 452 such eligible families will be benefited by this scheme. Jaipur district has the highest number of 72 thousand 253 eligible families.

it will be an honorarium
The Deputy Commissioner of Food Department said that if the number of ration cards of the prescribed category at the fair price shop is one to two, then they will get honorarium at the rate of Rs 80 per ration card. Similarly, if you have three to five ration cards, you will get two hundred rupees and if you have 6 to 10 ration cards, you will get 300 rupees. Similarly, if there are more than 10 ration cards in a ration shop, then such dealers will get an additional honorarium of Rs 20 along with Rs 300.