A conspiracy was being hatched to kill the Sarpanch, the police exposed it, know the matter

Ajmer : Deeg Police has arrested the person who had conspired to murder the former Sarpanch from Ajmer Jail. The mastermind of the conspiracy is a prisoner from Kumher police station area. Kumher police said that the accused was plotting to murder the former Sarpanch along with another prisoner in jail. According to police station officer Adhyatma Gautam, on June 27, Deeg CO registered a case that Vishnu alias Dwarf, a resident of Azaan, who is lodged in Ajmer High Security Jail, is planning to commit a crime.

Investigation revealed that prisoner Vishnu was planning to kill the former Sarpanch in connivance with Ravi of the village. Ravi, a resident of Ajan, gives information about the activities of the former Sarpanch to Vishnu, who is lodged in Ajmer jail. He has also given the number of a minor friend from Uttar Pradesh to Vishnu. Vishnu was arranging weapons and money through Ravi and his friend. After the information came to light, the police first arrested Ravi. Today, Vishnu, who had conspired for the murder, was also arrested from Ajmer jail.

The murder plot was being hatched from Ajmer High Security Jail

After the arrest, the Kumher police brought the prisoner lodged in Ajmer jail to Deeg. The police had received information from confidential sources that there was a gang war between the gangs of Kripal Jaghina and Kuldeep Jaghina in Bharatpur. Both Kripal and Kuldeep died in the gang war and the criminals of both the gangs are lodged in jail. It was told that the accused of Kripal Jaghina gang used to call their comrades living outside from the jail.