A new road will be built in Rajasthan at a cost of crores, backward villages will get connectivity

Barmer : Barmer Lignite Mining Company, a joint venture of the state government, will construct an alternative road at a cost of Rs 96 crore to connect the residents of villages affected by the Barmer-Jaisalmer highway to the highway. This decision was taken in a meeting held on Wednesday (26 June) under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary Public Works Department Sandeep Verma. Sandeep Verma said that due to the Barmer-Jaisalmer National Highway, the villagers of Jalipa Kapurdi area were getting affected due to lack of proper connectivity. Sandeep Verma said that by constructing an alternative road and connective road, the residents of the area will be connected to the highway and better road facilities.

Connectivity road for villagers affected due to National Highway

Mines Secretary and BLMC Chairperson Anandi said that in the 68th meeting of the Board of Directors of Barmer Lignite Corporation held in March, she had given instructions to prepare an action plan to connect the villagers affected by the National Highway passing through the area with a connecting road. According to the action plan, an expenditure of Rs 27 crore on the new road and Rs 69 crore on the connecting road, i.e. a total of Rs 96 crore, has been estimated to connect the villages of Rohili, Lakhetali, Chakdholak etc. affected by the Barmer Jaisalmer Highway to the National Highway up to Jalipa.

Anandi said that the road will be constructed by the Public Works Department and the amount of Rs 96 crore required for it will be provided by BLMCL. He said that this will provide better road connectivity to thousands of people including about 5 thousand villagers of the area. Anandi said that BLMCL mines lignite from Kapurdi-Jalipa mines and makes it available to the power plant for power generation. Along with this, regional development works are also being done under social concern.