A unique campaign started for student union elections in Rajasthan

Rajasthan News Desk!!! After the assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan, the stir regarding the student union elections has intensified. Now the student leaders of the university have started a letter campaign demanding the resumption of the student union elections which were postponed in the previous government. Under this, the students have written a letter to CM Bhajan Lal demanding to conduct the student union elections.

Gyan Singh Chaudhary, who was the president of Rajasthan University Students’ Union from 1968 to 1989, said that the non-conduct of student union elections in the state is a matter of concern. The government should once again conduct student union elections in the state to strengthen the voice of the common students. Those who have been student leaders in all the universities and colleges of the state including Rajasthan University are in a strong position today. Common students should also do so in this matter. Chaudhary said that everyone should unite and put pressure on the Chief Minister to restart the elections. Because if there were no student union elections, then today they would not have been in this situation. Today a delegation of students also came to meet me. Who informed me about this. After this, I have also written a letter to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Bhajanlal Sharma and appealed to conduct student union elections once again.

Actually, on 12 August last year, the Congress government had decided to cancel the student union elections. After this, students across the state also protested against the government. Many leaders like Hanuman Beniwal had openly appealed for student union elections along with the common students. But the government ignored the protesters and did not conduct student union elections. In such a situation, this time as soon as the admission process started, the students have started demanding student union elections. However, no decision has been taken on the student union elections at the government level.

Let us tell you that recently, National Democratic Party convenor and Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal had written a letter to Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma demanding to restart the student union elections. Beniwal said- Congress government has weakened the voice of the youth by stopping the student union elections. BJP government should improve it and conduct student union elections again.

Hanuman Beniwal said that student union elections in Rajasthan are a medium for the youth to come into active politics. Along with this, common students can raise their problems in universities and colleges through student leaders. Therefore, organizing student union elections is very important. So that the problems of common students can be solved at the college and university level.