Ayushman Arogya Yojana will be implemented in Rajasthan, gifts will be given on taking the injured to the hospital

Jaipur : The budget for medical and health services in the state has been kept at Rs 27660 crore which is 8.26 percent of the total budget. Diya Kumari said that on the lines of the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the central government, the Chief Minister Ayushman Arogya Yojana will be implemented in Rajasthan. In which cancer, IPD and day care will also be linked to this scheme. Chief Minister Ayushman Arogya Yojana will be implemented to provide better medical facilities along with pre-natal checkup to pregnant women.

Apart from this, it was also announced that Ayushman Model CHC will be established in every assembly to provide quality medical facilities to the common people even in remote areas of the state. Along with various essential facilities in these medical institutions, construction of mortuary is also proposed from humanitarian point of view. The government will spend Rs 125 crore on this. Apart from this, these announcements related to health and medical services have been made. In which,

Announcement to establish 6 new trauma centers
It has been announced in the budget to establish 6 new trauma centers. Along with this, an announcement has also been made regarding ICU ambulances.

Now you will get 10 thousand rupees for taking an accident victim to the hospital
Now the government will give Rs 10,000 instead of Rs 5,000 for taking a road accident victim to the hospital. The Deputy CM has announced this in the budget.

Announcement of recruitment of 1500 new doctors and 4000 nursing personnel
Recruitment of 1500 new doctors and 4000 nursing staff has been announced in the budget. Rs 125 crore will be spent on the construction of mortuaries in hospitals. Road Safety Task Force will be formed at each divisional headquarters. 10 inactive trauma centers will be made operational and 6 night trauma centers will also be built. Apart from this, a Red Disease Fund of Rs 50 crore will be created.

Announcement of starting Rajasthan Digital Health Mission
Maa Health Infrastructure Mission will be started for hospitals. Under this, works worth 15 thousand crores will be done. Rajasthan Digital Health Mission will be started. E-health records of the people of the state will be made at the PHC level.