BAP leader accused MP Rajkumar Roat of having links with NDA, uproar ensued

Jaipur : Despite the huge victory of Bharat Adivasi Party, which was formed just 9 months ago by separating from Bharatiya Tribal Party, in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, everything is not going well in the party these days. Professor Manilal Garasiya, the founder member of the party and BAP candidate from Gadhi, has accused the party leaders of having links with NDA. BAP has already taken disciplinary action against Garasiya and expelled him from the party. Bharat Adivasi Party first dissolved the executive committee of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, after which it has now shown the way out of the party to eight big officials associated with BAP party of Banswara district, after which there is a possibility of formation of two factions in the party once again. At the same time, the expelled officials are now busy strengthening a separate organization in the name of Jambukhand Mukti Morcha.

BAP is not joining India at the behest of NDA

Mani Lal Garasiya, the expelled founder member, has made very serious allegations against MP Rajkumar Roat and another office bearer including the party’s national president. Garasiya has said that due to the personal decision of two persons in the party, Bharat Adivasi Party has suffered a huge loss in the Lok Sabha elections and they want to harm the ‘India Alliance’ by joining hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party. He directly alleged that the MP and other leaders are not joining the India Alliance at the behest of the NDA, whereas they have won with the support of the Congress.

Founding member and party candidate expelled

Bharat Adivasi Party has expelled many office bearers of Banswara district from the party. The party has expelled Professor Manilal Garasiya, the party’s founding member and candidate of Bharat Adivasi Party from Gadhi, by accusing him of many things. The party said that these leaders are forming a parallel party organization and are harming the party by colluding with the people opposing the party. Regarding this, the party has expelled Dinesh Dabi, Rakesh Dindor, Mukesh Rana, Raju Rana, Narayan Maida, Pawan Bujh and Tejkaran Maida from the party.