Bhajan Lal government made another announcement, now elections will be held in colleges and universities

Jaipur : Nagaur MP and former Rajasthan University student union president Hanuman Beniwal has made a big demand from the Bhajanlal government of the state regarding the student union elections. Hanuman Beniwal has raised this demand while appealing to Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma in a statement regarding the student union elections in Rajasthan. He has said that the Bhajanlal government should announce the restoration of student union elections with immediate effect. Along with this, he has also demanded the release of the detained students. Rajasthan student union elections were not held last year in the Gehlot government. The government had banned it after the opinion of the vice-chancellors on the issue of use of muscle power and money power. Now Hanuman Beniwal has appealed to the Bhajanlal government to restore it immediately.

Hanuman Beniwal made this appeal to the CM

Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal has written in a post, ‘I appeal to the Chief Minister of the state Bhajanlal Sharma to announce student union elections in universities and colleges in Rajasthan with immediate effect. Restoring student union elections will pave the way for the youth to move forward in politics! By holding student union elections in universities and colleges, the students studying there get leadership to solve their problems and through that leadership, they can put the problems of their college on the appropriate platform for resolution!’

Why lathi charge on students during protest against wrong recovery?

Hanuman Beniwal has called the lathi charge on the students protesting at Rajasthan University in Jaipur wrong. He said that the lathi charge by the police on the students protesting against the wrong recovery being made from them in the name of revaluation fees is condemnable. He said that the students also have the right to express their views for their rights. In such a situation, suppressing the voice of student power on the strength of police force is completely unfair. He said, ‘As soon as I came to know about the lathi charge on the students, I spoke to the Police Commissioner over the phone and asked him to release the detained students’.