Bundi’s 783rd foundation day, famous as Chhoti Kashi, know how it got its name

Bundi News News, Bundi Foundation Day was celebrated in a festive manner on 24 June. The morning started pleasantly with the melodious tunes of Shehnai. The heritage tour started with Ganesh Puja-Vandan in Garh Palace, in which a large number of people participated and admired the historical buildings and heritage of Bundi. District Collector Akshay Godara and SP Hanuman Prasad Meena worshiped Garh Ganesh.

Heritage walk begins

After this, the heritage walk started from here, which reached the sports complex via the city’s Chaugan Gate and Khoja Gate. The city woke up with the slogans of Choti Kashi ke Jai Kare and Achi Bundi Clean, Green Bundi. Administrative officers, dignitaries of the city, scout guides, students, teachers, Anganwadi workers participated.

Bundi’s heritage seen in art gallery

A painting exhibition and competition was held in the art gallery, which gave an opportunity to see the heritage of Bundi together. Many art galleries like the famous painting style and Bundi in the lap of nature were the center of attraction. On June 24, the administration has arranged free entry for tourists and the general public in Sukhmahal, Rani Ji Bawdi, Chhatri of 84 pillars and State Museum Bundi.

Bundi is a witness to valor and mythological history

Bundi is a major district of Rajasthan. Bundi is also one of the historical tourist destinations, which is known for its many magnificent palaces, majestic forts. This area is witness to many heroic battles and mythological history. The most special thing about Bundi is that the tourist destination is adorned with natural attractions like stepwells, lakes and waterfalls.

Bundi was founded in 1242 AD

This 783-year-old Bundi city also has a fort built on the hill, which has many things worth seeing including the world famous painting style, which thousands of tourists from India and abroad come to see every year. Taragarh Fort located in Bal Chand Pada of the city was built in 1354. Bundi was founded in 1242 AD by Bunda Meena, Rao Deva. A huge fort was also built. Situated on the Aravali hill, this fort offers a panoramic and captivating view of the Bundi city, any tourist who sees this fort appreciates its features.

CM Bhajanlal congratulated

State Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma, Deputy CM Diya Kumari, Premchand Bairwa, Om Birla and other leaders from across the state and country have sent their greetings and best wishes on Bundi Foundation Day through their social media platform X.