Buying a flat is now easier, discount on registration, know how much you will save

Jaipur : Rajasthan’s Deputy Chief Minister (Finance) Diya Kumari presented the first full budget of the Bhajanlal government on Wednesday. In this, she announced many schemes including jobs. This is the first time that the state government has presented its budget before the central government. The budget was presented keeping every section in mind. However, everyone’s eyes are on what became cheaper and what became costlier in the budget. In her first full budget, Diya Kumari has reduced the prices of CNG and PNG gas used in vehicles as well as the registration of flats up to 50 lakhs.

In her budget speech, Diya Kumari has reduced the VAT rate on CNG and PNG from 14.5% to 10% to promote green development. At the same time, to encourage the establishment of flight training organization and aircraft type training organization to promote employment in the aviation sector, VAT on aviation turbine fuel has been reduced from 26% to 2%.
Finance Minister Diya Kumari announced that the stamp duty on the purchase of flats worth up to Rs 50 lakh in multi-story buildings will be reduced from 6% to 5%. This means that buyers will save about Rs 65,000. Along with this, there will be stamp duty exemption in the TDR process.