Cabinet meeting will be called before the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly budget session

Jaipur : The second session of Rajasthan Assembly is going to start from July 3. A meeting of the Rajasthan Cabinet will be held on July 2 which will be held at the Chief Minister’s residence. In this cabinet meeting, a strategy will be made for the assembly session. At the same time, 4300 questions have been asked in this session of the Assembly. It is also feared that more than 10000 questions can be asked in this session. Among these, the questions of controversial statements given by the ministers, ERCP, water, health system and power crisis are the most.

Only 100 questions are allowed

On July 3, in the second session of the 16th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, first the Governor will deliver his speech and after that the opposition can create a ruckus during the happy hour and zero hour. The MLAs elected for the first time are showing more interest in asking questions. At the same time, an MLA will not be allowed to ask more than 100 questions. In this, the MLA can ask 60 unstarred and 40 starred questions. Assembly Speaker Vasudev Devnani has given permission to the MLAs to ask intra-session questions this time.

Bhajanlal government can bring this bill

In this session, the Bhajan Lal government can bring a bill for Misha prisoners. Along with this, a new provision can also be brought regarding 50 percent reservation for women in the third grade teacher recruitment exam. The Bhajan Lal government of Rajasthan is preparing to bring a new law on religious conversion.

This time the accountability of the departments will be decided

In a conversation, Rajasthan Assembly Speaker Vasudev Devnani had earlier said that during the previous government, answers to 5 thousand questions were not received in the assembly. This time the accountability of the government departments regarding answers will be fixed. Most of the MLAs have got new houses. Before the budget session, houses will also be allotted to the remaining MLAs.

Diary prepared according to Hindu month

Devnani said, ‘Many innovations have been done in Rajasthan this time. The Vidhan Sabha diary has been prepared according to Hindu months. There is a special focus on increasing the working days in the Vidhan Sabha. Work is also being done to include the Vidhan Sabha museum in the tourism calendar. The Vidhan Sabha museum has been opened for school children and common citizens.’