Crocodiles gather in Biological Park, more than two dozen baby crocodiles are born

Udaipur : Udaipur, the city of lakes, has remained the first choice of tourists from all over the world due to its natural beauty, but the natural air here is also very suitable for the families of crocodiles living in water. This is the reason why Udaipur is now emerging as a breeding center for crocodiles. A great news has come from the crocodile family brought to Sajjangarh Biological Park about 10 years ago. Sajjangarh Biological Park of Udaipur has been populated by a new generation of crocodiles. Here, for the first time in the park, 2 female crocodiles laid eggs and now about 2 dozen babies have come out of them. Actually, after the construction of Sajjangarh Biological Park, this is the first occasion when good news has come from the crocodile family. The population of crocodiles was not increasing here for ten years. In such a situation, the Forest Department created a favorable environment for breeding in which the Forest Department has got success and their breeding has started.

The first biological park in the state was started in Udaipur in 2015. Gharials were brought here from Jaipur Zoo 10 years ago. Two of these female and one male gharials have been present in the pond of the biological park for a long time, but despite such a long time, their population was not increasing since the natural habitat of gharials is in rivers. In such a situation, a similar favorable environment was created here as well. After this, breeding of gharials started here for the first time.

After laying the eggs, babies are born in 60 to 90 days. The process has already begun. Deputy Forest Conservator Devendra Tiwari said that after special care, babies have started hatching from the gharial eggs about a week ago. Right now they have been kept in the pond with their mothers. When these babies turn three weeks old, they will be left in the nursery for complete medical supervision. The good news from the gharial family has further increased the happiness on the faces of the tourists visiting the Biological Park. The tourists visiting the park are happy to see so many baby gharials in the pond.