Drugs are being smuggled from outside to Rajasthan, two Nigerians arrested for smuggling

Jaipur : East District’s DST and Pratap Nagar police station raided Jagatpura and caught two foreign smugglers who supplied cocaine to Jaipur’s youth. The arrested accused Emmanuel Chokwudi Bube is from Nigeria and Michael is from Africa. Police recovered cocaine worth Rs 2 crore, Rs 45,000 cash, 11 mobiles, laptops and bikes with Sikar numbers from the accused’s possession. Additional Commissioner Kailash Bishnoi said that DST East members Avinash and Ramniwas received information that two Nigerians supply cocaine from a flat in Shriram Vihar. On this, DCP Kavendra Sagar, SHO Munindra Singh’s teams raided and caught both of them. The flat was searched and cocaine was recovered.

First he spoke in his own language- if he showed strictness then he spoke in Hindi

During interrogation of the arrested accused, it was revealed that the kingpin of this gang sits in Delhi. People from Jaipur contact the kingpin in Delhi for cocaine. After that, both these accused used to supply cocaine to the targets found there at the marked places in Jaipur at C-Scheme, Civil Lines, Tonk Road. It has come to light that a foreign woman was also staying with the accused, in relation to whom interrogation is being done. During the operation, the accused kept speaking in their own language. Then the policemen talked through an app. During this, when one of the accused spoke a few words in Hindi, the police got suspicious and interrogated them strictly. After that they started speaking in Hindi.

11 mobiles seized, numbers keep changing from time to time

During interrogation, the smugglers told that one person comes from Delhi to give the delivery and they go from Jaipur. They take the delivery on the way. They are mostly found around Behror. They get at least 200 grams of cocaine, from which they prepare 1-1 gram packets, which are supplied around big colleges, clubs and farm houses. 11 mobile phones have been found with the accused. They do not keep one number on for long. They used to change the number from time to time. “Under the Nasha Mukti Abhiyan being run by the Government of India, a special operation is being conducted to take action against drug smugglers. Here, when the supply by Nigerians came to light, the DST East team was engaged. Now, after interrogating both the smugglers, the entire network will be revealed.”