Electricity consumers will get a shock, read this news

Jaipur : Preparations have been made to put an additional burden of Rs 181.5 crore on 60 lakh electricity consumers of the state who are facing the brunt of power shortage and high rates. This amount will be additional to the fuel surcharge imposed in the past, which can be added to the electricity bills in the future. This amount was claimed by the power generation company Adani Power, which is the result of the evacuation facility charge imposed on the company by Coal India.

Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) has recently issued an order on the petition of Adani Power Company. The Electricity Appellate Tribunal has decided that the electricity distribution corporations of the state will make an additional payment of Rs 181.5 crore to Adani Power. In such a situation, this amount will be recovered from the electricity consumers by the electricity distribution corporations.


Whereas, earlier, the recovery of 54 paise per unit fuel surcharge has been started recently. However, the fuel surcharge being collected till now is more than the rule. In such a situation, permission can be taken by the electricity distribution corporations to collect special fuel surcharge. Adani Power Company filed a petition before the RERC in the year 2018 for recovery of additional amount. The commission rejected the petition on 8 February 2019. Against this, the company appealed in the Electricity Appellate Tribunal Delhi. On this, the tribunal gave a decision in favor of the company. On this basis, the company again filed a petition in the RERC.