Everyone was shocked by this incident in SMS hospital, dog kept roaming around with the patient’s severed hand in its mouth

Jaipur : The arrangements at SMS Hospital’s Trauma Centre are not improving. Two days ago, a dog kept roaming around with a hand (cut and damaged) in its mouth, which was thrown away without being disposed of at the Trauma Centre. At around one o’ clock in the night, the patients and relatives of the hospital got scared after seeing the human hand in the dog’s mouth and informed the police. The team immediately reached the centre and freed the hand from the dog’s mouth and kept it in the mortuary. SMS Hospital Police Station CI Sudhir Upadhyay told that information was received about a human hand in the dog’s mouth at the SMS Hospital’s Trauma Centre. We recovered the hand from its mouth and informed the Trauma Centre in-charge about it. When he refused to take the hand, it was kept in the mortuary.

On June 18, Vikram of Thanagaji (Alwar) got his hand cut off after it got stuck in a thresher. His family first took him to a private hospital and later to the trauma center. Here, the doctors told the family that due to the delay in bringing him, the tissues of the cut hand have completely deteriorated and the hand cannot be replaced. The doctors did not receive the hand here either and gave the cut hand to the family. The family threw it in the dustbin and then a dog took it away from there.

Confirmed by CCTV

The police scanned the CCTV cameras installed in the trauma center and after that it was confirmed that the hand was Vikram’s. In the case, SMS Trauma Center in-charge Dr. Anurag Dhakad said that Vikram’s relative Ghanshyam had thrown his body part outside the hospital without informing anyone. We send the body part to the mortuary through the hospital staff only. Vikram underwent surgery late last night and now he is fine.