Food department raids another mall in Jaipur, fake goods worth lakhs found

Jodhpur : In Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, fake goods have now reached the public through shops. For the first time, a raid has been conducted on a big mall in Jaipur city. After raiding more than 7 super markets and malls, more than 2700 liters of Desi Ghee has been recovered. This Desi Ghee is used in almost every second house in many nearby districts including Jaipur. But due to adulteration in it, the fear of diseases remains. In Jaipur, on Thursday night (20 June) and today morning on 21 June, the team of Food Safety Department has raided seven big super stores of Jaipur. Here, ghee of two big brands named Saras and Pro Vedic has been recovered. However, the manager in the mall does not know that the goods are fake. Vendors are supplying goods in such malls.

Raids were conducted at 7 major places in Jaipur

Department commissioner Pankaj Kumar Ojha said that raids have been conducted at 7 big places in Jaipur. These include Jhotwara, Pratap Nagar, Bindayaka, Narsinghpur, Mansarovar, Lal Kothi and other places. Supermarkets are located at all these places. Most of the supermarkets belong to D Mart company. More than 2700 liters of Saras Ghee has been recovered from these supermarkets, which is made from adulterated items. Consuming fake ghee continuously can cause serious diseases. These are also made by mixing chemicals and essence. Palm oil is used in these.

Risk of heart, BP, kidney problems

Continuous use of fake ghee can lead to problems like heart, BP, kidney problems, loose motion or indigestion, and even the risk of miscarriage. Whatever goods have arrived in the last few days, most of the packets in them are of this type. The price of a 1 liter ghee packet is around ₹600 to ₹700.

Fake food items and stolen items confiscated

Pankaj Ojha has already seized more than 20,000 liters of fake ghee and oil in Jaipur. Along with this, more than 50,000 kg of chili spices have also been recovered. Continuous raids are being conducted against fake goods in different cities of Rajasthan.