Food department raids in Jaipur, panic among shopkeepers, see the list of adulterators

Jaipur : If you are eating samosas, paneer items, chicken changezi, milk-curd, ice candy in Jaipur, then be a little cautious. In the investigation of the food department, samples taken from the capital’s famous sweet shops as well as other stores have failed the test. Bad oil was being used at Shankar Samosa. Samples of paneer taken from all the food sellers including Sodani Sweets, Calcutta Chaat and Pink Pearl have been found to be adulterated. Not only this, there is disturbing news for non-veg lovers as well. The sample of chicken changezi from Mohammadi Palace has also failed. It is clear from this that most of the food items being sold in the city are dangerous for our health.

14 out of 281 samples were found unsafe

The report of the samples taken by the food department on suspicion of adulteration has just arrived. Out of 281 food samples, 14 have been found unsafe (failed). Whereas, 78 sub-standard (failed). The report of 159 is yet to come. Recently, the department had taken samples of 440 food items. Among the samples found unsafe, there are 3 samples each of spices and sweets. Whereas, 2 samples of gravy, 1 each of milk-curd, oil, ice cream, chola dal, ice candy have been found unsafe. The oil sample taken from Shankar Samosa is also harmful for health. 16 samples of paneer including Sodani-Calcutta Chaat and Pink Pearl have been found sub-standard. Adulterated Desi Ghee was found being sold at 13 places.

Sample of Chicken Changezi of Mohammadi Palace also failed

Recently, the department had taken samples of 440 food items, out of which 14 were found unsafe and 78 sub-standard. The report of 159 is yet to come. 3 samples each of masala and sweets were found unsafe. Two samples of gravy, one each of milk-curd, oil, ice cream, chola dal and ice candy were found unsafe. In this, the sample of Chicken Changezi of Mohammadi Palace was also found unsafe.

Out of 281 food items, 14 samples were unsafe, 78 were sub-standard, reports of 159 were pending; Big question- how many will be punished?

Paneer Industry, Milk Market, Shastri Nagar, Prem Prakash Sharma

Ghee- Unsafe. Made from adulterated milk. People buy about 350 kg of ghee every month.
Mohammadi Palace, Chandpole, Faisal Qureshi

Gravy, Chicken Changezi, Black Pepper- Unsafe. Colour mixed in black pepper. Oil in gravy was dangerous. Hundreds of people eat the food every day.
MB Sweets Shop, Nirman Nagar, Ramesh Choudhary

Kesar Barfi – Unsafe. Colour was mixed in it. On an average 400 kg of sweets are sold every month.
Shubham Marketing, Sikar Road, Mati Meena Devi

Sabji Masala MDH- Unsafe. Chemicals that harm the body. Hundreds of kilos are sold every month.
Phoenix Trade Vision, VKI, Virat Agarwal,

Calcium powder, Everest masala, unsafe, chemicals that harm the body. Hundreds of kilos are sold every month.
Shyam Dhani Industries, VKI, Chandraprakash Sharma,

Garam Masala, Shyam Dhani – Unsafe. Adulterated with chemicals. Hundreds of kilos sold every month.
Kamal Ice Cream, Bhavani Nagar Murlipura, Kamal Saini

Ice Cream – Unsafe. Made from palm oil. Up to 400 kilos sold every month.
Vinayak Ice Candy, Jodla Power House, Sikar Road, Bhagwan Das

Ice Candy – Unsafe. Made from palm oil. Up to 500 kg sold every month.
Laxmi Sweet Caterers, Moti Katla Bazaar, Jaipur, Satish Kumar Agarwal

Chickpeas, unsafe. Adulterated with colour. Sold in hundreds of kilos.
Shankar Samosa, Rajapark, Rahul Madan

Used cooking oil soyabean, unsafe. The same oil was used again and again and it had gone bad. Harm to the body is certain. More than four thousand samosas are sold every day.
BL Foods, Pragati Bazaar, Bidaji Square, Bassi, Amit Kumar Sharma

Kesar Barfi – Unsafe – Made from Mawa, Saffron, Sugar, Pistachio. Bad Mawa was found in the Barfi. Saffron was found to be of poor quality. Up to 400 kg is sold every month.
Paneer is the most adulterated

In the investigation report, 78 samples are sub-standard. The highest number of these is 16 samples of paneer. 13 samples of desi ghee, 8 of oil, 5 of sweets, 3 of curd are sub-standard. Apart from this, one or two samples of many food items including masala, dal, butter, ice cream, ice candy have been found to be sub-standard.

Cancer, liver diseases fixed

The product contains Acetamiprid, Thiamethoxam, Imidacloprid, Trisilazone, Prophenofos, Acetamiprid, Thiamethoxam and Acetamiprid, Ethion. These can cause nausea, dizziness, respiratory failure and even death. According to experts, women cannot become mothers due to continuous consumption of fake and adulterated food products. Also, men cannot become fathers. Liver related diseases also occur. Vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, sweating, itching of skin and eyes occur. The nervous system and hormonal system are also affected.

Food Safety Director Pankaj Ojha said- The aim of the government is that the general public should get pure food, for this a campaign was launched and now the report has come. We will continue the action in future as well. People should also be aware. If you find any kind of irregularity, inform us.