Foreigners are selling drugs to school and college students in Jaipur, video of interrogation surfaced

The foreign youths caught with drugs worth crores in Jaipur have made many revelations during interrogation. Both the criminals had come to India on business visa. One foreigner is living in India even after his visa has expired.

They used to bring drugs from different states to Jaipur and supply them to students. A diary has also been found from the miscreants. It contains the names and complete details of the drug users. The police has given information about both of them to the Ministry of External Affairs. Details of both have been sought from the embassies of South Africa and Nigeria.

DCP East Kavendra Sagar said- The drugs recovered from these miscreants have been sent to FSL. Continuous inquiries are being made about their international contacts. These people were smuggling drugs in an organised manner. These people had students from many colleges of Jaipur and pubs in their circle. They used to supply drugs there.

During interrogation, both the smugglers first denied knowing Hindi and English. After this, when the police became strict, both of them started answering in Hindi. Investigation so far has revealed that these people have been actively smuggling drugs in Jaipur, Delhi, Pune for the last 3 years. This is the first time that these people have been caught by the police. A special team has been formed to interrogate both the smugglers. Which is working on every angle.

DCP East Kavendra Sagar said- On 27th June at 12 noon, two foreign nationals were caught while going to deliver drugs on a bike near Akira Library in Shriram Vihar. Both the accused started running away from the spot. Police surrounded both of them and caught them.