Former CM Ashok Gehlot made a big statement on Bhajanlal government’s budget, know what he said

Jaipur : Former CM Ashok Gehlot has reacted on Rajasthan budget. Gehlot has described the budget of Rajasthan government as dull and directionless. He said that this budget neither provided relief to the public, nor is any roadmap for development being made. This government believes only in packaging, not in work. Ashok Gehlot issued a statement on social media saying that our government had set a target of making Rajasthan number 1 under Mission 2030. I hoped that after our government leaves, the BJP government will at least work keeping this mission in mind for the betterment of Rajasthan and bring excellent development schemes. The budget brought by the Rajasthan government today does not seem to have anything to do with education, health and social security.

The budget of Rajasthan government is also dull and directionless
He said that the lack of schemes and work done by our government in these areas is clearly visible in the budget figures. This budget has neither provided relief to the public nor is any roadmap for development being made. Just like the budget of the Central Government has been dull and directionless for the last 10 years, the budget of the Rajasthan Government today has also been dull and directionless.

The objective was expressed by increasing the fare of Roadways AC buses

Gehlot said that the public was expecting that the prices of petrol and diesel would be reduced as per Modiji’s guarantee but this was not done. Rather, no budget allocation was made for our government’s schemes to provide relief from inflation like 100 units of free electricity, Annapurna ration kit, Indira kitchen, free agricultural electricity etc., which means that the public will have to face inflation in the coming days. The government has made its intention clear by increasing the fare of roadways AC buses by 10 paise per kilometer on the day of the budget itself.

This government does not believe in work, it only believes in packaging

Gehlot said that the government has tried to gain applause by announcing the preparation of DPR of new Greenfield Expressway in the budget. Our government used to give Rs 10 crore to each assembly constituency for roads which this government has reduced to Rs 5 crore. This shows that this government believes only in packaging and not in work.

Even 50% of the state’s population will not be included in Ayushman Bharat

It is surprising that instead of the Chiranjeevi Insurance Scheme of Rs 25 lakh, this government wants to implement the Ayushman Bharat Scheme of Rs 5 lakh. Every family of Rajasthan was covered under the Chiranjeevi scheme, but not even 50% of the state’s population will be covered under Ayushman Bharat. A large number of hospitals were included in the Chiranjeevi scheme, but the number of hospitals in the Ayushman scheme is very less.

Government should clarify its stand on OPS

The government’s opinion on OPS has also not been expressed in the budget. The Union Finance Minister has been continuously opposing OPS but the state’s Finance Minister has not expressed any opinion on OPS, due to which there is confusion among the state employees. The government should clarify its opinion on OPS.