He planted lakhs of trees in Rajasthan, made the earth green, know his story

Barmer : “Do such work that it becomes an identity, take every step in such a way that it becomes a mark, here everyone spends their life, live life in such a way that it becomes an example” The above sentence has been proved true by Bhera Ram Bhakhar, a teacher working in Barmer, Rajasthan, who has been trying to make the barren area green for the last 24 years. And to a great extent, it has borne fruit. Under this initiative, he has planted more than four lakh saplings in many areas of Rajasthan so far. One thing that forces one to think is that Bhera Ram does this work at his own expense. That is why today he has also become famous in his area by the name of “Plant Wale Master Sahab”.

This one idea gave a new direction

Actually, in the year 1999, during his college days, Bhera Ram along with his friends planted about 50 trees in the village temple. After this incident, he felt so relieved that he decided that he would continue this work for the rest of his life. After this, Bhera Ram started working as a teacher in the year 2002. At that time, Bhera Ram spent his first salary for the environment and decided that every year he would spend one month’s salary for environmental protection. He started buying local trees and planting them in his school and public areas of the village. With time, he got the support of other environment lovers like him and his campaign also gained momentum.

Bhera Ram also took steps in this direction

Bhera Ram then started working against plastic and for the protection of animals and birds. In this way, today he has saved more than 500 wild animals. Due to these efforts, today people call him the plant teacher. Bhera Ram, who has dedicated his entire life to the environment, is a true hero of the society and an inspiration for all of us.