High speed wreaks havoc in Rajasthan, truck runs over people standing on the roadside, painful death

Bhilwara : Two youths died in a road accident in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan this morning. They were hit by a car coming from the front at a high speed. Their bike was also moving at a high speed. The accident happened on the highway road. Actually the bike riders were driving the bike at a high speed from the wrong direction. The collision was such that both of them lost their lives. This accident happened on National Highway 758 passing through Gangapur police station area of ​​Bhilwara district.

He was bringing food from the eatery, but died before eating it

Police said that Foru Meena, a youth from Jahazpur area and his friend Raju, a resident of Ajmer, were going towards the market on a bike last night. Both of them worked in mines. While working in the mines, they were bringing vegetables from a dhaba for dinner. But during this time they were going in the opposite direction. Suddenly, both of them collided with a car coming from the front. Both were taken to the hospital, but both died.

Everyone often makes this mistake

Local people told the police that due to the cut being far away on the highway, people often drive their bikes or vehicles in the wrong direction. In such a situation, there is a fear of more accidents at night. This is also a similar case. So be careful, it will take some time, otherwise it will not take long for an accident to occur.