High voltage drama by student leaders in Rajasthan, made these allegations against BJP

Bharatpur : In the Mathura Gate police station area of ​​Bharatpur, a high-voltage drama of three student leaders went on for hours on a water tank. The student leaders were adamant on the demand to restore student union elections in colleges and universities. The news of students climbing the water tank created a stir. Mathura Gate police station officer Karan Singh Rathore reached the spot. He tried to convince the students who had climbed the tank. The student leaders did not agree to get down from the water tank. The students said that the BJP had promised to hold student union elections in the manifesto during the assembly elections. Now the BJP government does not seem to have the intention of holding student union elections. He warned of a fierce agitation if the student union elections were not restored. Let us tell you that in the year 2023, the Congress government had banned the student union elections. Student leader Rajat Poonia, who climbed the tank, said that the previous Congress government had postponed the student union elections before the assembly elections. The BJP had announced to restore the student union elections after coming to power. BJP believed that student power would be strengthened by conducting student union elections.

High voltage drama on water tank

Now BJP government has been formed in the state. The Chief Minister is also from Bharatpur district. After forming the government, BJP has forgotten the youth. Student leaders were demanding concrete assurances for student union elections. Student leader Rahul Ubar said that student union elections are the first step in politics. Congress has seen the result of banning student union elections. Congress has been out of power in Rajasthan. Rahul Ubar said that BJP will have to face the consequences of not restoring student union elections.

Demand to restore student union elections

The high voltage drama of the student leaders who climbed the water tank continued for a long time. The Tehsildar also reached the spot and counselled the student leaders. After getting the assurance, the students were brought down from the water tank. NSUI District President Vikesh Faujdar, student leaders Rahul Ubar and Vishnu reached the water tank. The administration asked the students to submit a written application regarding their demands. After about 4 hours of hard work, the students were brought down from the water tank.