In Rajasthan, a young woman was brutally killed by being crushed by a tractor due to a land dispute, know the matter

Bhilwara : The land dispute proved fatal for a family. In a land dispute, today the brother-in-law killed his sister-in-law by crushing her with a tractor. The incident took place in Bikrai village of Gangapur police station area of ​​​​Bhilwara district. Where the murder accused are accused of dragging the woman with a tractor for 50 feet even after her death. A wave of mourning spread in the village after the heart-wrenching incident that took place late on Tuesday evening. A woman was crushed to death by her relative (brother-in-law) with a tractor due to a land dispute. The ruthless accused dragged this woman with the tractor for about 50 feet. The accused also pushed and shoved the woman’s son. The body of the woman has been kept safe in the mortuary of the district hospital here. A large number of women and men gathered at the district hospital.

The accused dragged the woman for 50 feet with a tractor

Aarti Suwalka, the daughter of the deceased, said that they have ancestral land in the village. There is a dispute over this land with her uncle Rajkumar Suwalka. This dispute has been going on for about 2 years. Both the parties are not sowing on the land due to the dispute. Today her mother Lali Devi went to the farm to take the animals. My brother Rakesh was going to Bhilwara when on the way, mother Lali Devi called him on his mobile and asked him to come there immediately and told that people are fighting with him. He told mother that if they fight then you should go away. Mother Lali was explaining to them. Then Rajkumar came with a tractor and he ran over Lali and kept dragging her for about 50 feet.

The whole family was ruined in 2 years

The dispute of Suwalka family is old but within 2 years, due to the constant fights over sowing of crops on the land, the children first lost their father. Now the family is completely shattered due to the murder of their mother. The family became unconscious after losing their mother. A large number of villagers gathered at Bhilwara District Hospital regarding the incident.

The husband also gave up his life in the land dispute

The land dispute of the Suwalka family was going on for a long time. The deceased’s husband also committed suicide due to the land dispute and daily fights. The deceased’s son Kamlesh told that his father Ramprasad was also tortured so much by these people that he consumed poison on 9 November 2022, who died during treatment in Udaipur hospital on 18 November 22. Kamlesh alleges that on 22 November 2023, his brother Pintu was also attacked by the accused and his head was broken.