In Rajasthan, prostitution was going on under the guise of a spa centre, police raided it

Jodhpur : The manager and a woman were arrested after raiding a spa center in Saraswati Nagar under Bhagat Ki Kothi police station in Jodhpur and busting prostitution. Two young men and 15 other girls have been arrested on charges of disturbing peace. According to the police, there is a spa center named Natural Soul in Saraswati Nagar, where a complaint was received about prostitution being conducted. The police sent a decoy to the spa center. On getting the signal, the police raided under the leadership of Assistant Police Commissioner Manglesh Chundawat, where a woman was found in suspicious circumstances. The police registered an FIR under the PITA Act and arrested the woman and the spa center manager. At the same time, two young men and 15 other girls were also found in the spa center. They were arrested on charges of disturbing peace. The police presented all of them before the magistrate late at night.

Raid in hookah bar, operator arrested, hookahs and chillums confiscated

Similarly, the police of Bhagat Ki Kothi police station raided a hookah bar operating under the guise of PBX cafe in Saraswati Nagar Shopping Center, where several youths were found smoking hookah. The police seized two hookahs, one chillum, two hookah flavours, one filter packet and two pipes from the spot. An FIR was lodged and the hookah bar operator Deepak alias Deepu, son of Bhagwan Singh Bishnoi, resident of Jyani Nagar, Chirdhani, was arrested. Five other youths were caught smoking hookah at the spot, against whom action was taken under the COTPA Act. Similarly, the police of Police Station Ratanada and Chaupasni Housing Board Police Station caught hookah bars at different places.