Jaipur Municipal Corporation has added interesting options on the complaint portal to catch stray animals

Jaipur : Municipal Corporation Greater of the capital Jaipur has launched campaigns for cleanliness and catching stray animals these days. Because the common people seem to be troubled by the ever-increasing stray animals in the city, in view of this, the Municipal Corporation is taking special care of stray animals and cleanliness under the campaign. Regarding this, the option of online complaint on the official website of the Municipal Corporation is being discussed fiercely on social media. Actually, on the official website of Municipal Corporation Greater, words commonly spoken to catch stray animals have been used. In which different categories have been created, words like ‘there are too many dogs’, ‘there are too many monkeys’, ‘dogs have gone mad, they have to be caught’ were used.

Due to these options, it is going viral on social media (X) and more than the complaint, the options of this website of the Municipal Corporation are being discussed everywhere. If we look at the complaint category on this website, the language used in common conversation has been used. These options were given on the Municipal Corporation website so that common people can get them for convenience, but this complaint is being discussed less and the unique option of the website is being discussed more. Funny comments of social media users are also being seen.