Jeweler robbed of 50 lakh rupees worth of jewelry


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Udaipur: A jeweler in the Ghantaghar police station area has filed a case against two youths who worked at other jewelry stores for stealing 925 grams of gold jewelry worth 50 lakh rupees from him.

According to the police, Lavish, son of Kantilal Doshi, resident of Jyoti Nagar Shobhagpura, filed a case that he has a gold and silver shop named Ankit Jewelers in Bada Bazaar. Next to his shop is a shop called Jewelery Palace, which is owned by Bhupendra Chaplote. Surendra Singh, son of Bhim Singh, resident of Medta Dabok, has been working at his shop for the past 10 years. Surendra Singh’s relative, Bhupendra Singh, resident of Medta, works at Aishwarya Jewelers Mochiwada.

Bhupendra Singh and Surendra Singh used to come and go to his shop and for the past 6 months, they have been taking gold jewelry from him and selling it in their village and giving him the money, which had built trust in them.

On January 23, Surendra Singh came to the shop and took 165 grams of gold jewelry and on January 25, Surendra Singh and Bhupendra Singh took 270 grams of gold jewelry from him. Similarly, on January 30, Surendra Singh and Bhupendra Singh took 180 grams of gold jewelry. Similarly, on February 10, an acquaintance of Surendra Singh took 270 grams of gold jewelry and Bhupendra Singh took two chains of 40 grams of gold.

The total value of all these jewelries is about 58 lakh rupees. They paid about 8 lakh rupees, and took away 50 lakh rupees worth of jewelry. Surendra Singh stopped picking up his phone and Bhupendra Singh is also dilly-dallying. The two of them took him into confidence and took away 925 grams of gold jewelry.

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