Know the 21 big announcements of Rajasthan Budget 2024, see the full list here

Deputy CM and Finance Minister Diya Kumari presented the full budget of Rajasthan on Wednesday. Know about the 21 major announcements of the Rajasthan budget.

1- 9 green field expressways will be built in Rajasthan
For the first time in the state, 9 green field expressways with a length of more than 2750 km will be constructed.

2- Announcement of two new solar parks
Two new solar parks have been announced in the state in the budget. One park will be built in Jaisalmer and one in Pogal.
3- All government offices will be connected to solar energy, new electricity connections will be provided
All the government offices in the state will be connected to solar energy in a phased manner. Also, about 208000 households deprived of electricity will be given domestic electricity connections in the next 2 years.
4- 25 lakh houses will be connected with Jal Jeevan Mission
This year, tap water will be supplied to 25 lakh rural households by spending Rs 15 thousand crores.
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5- Library and Wi-Fi connection will get Rs 150 crore
Libraries and Wi-Fi connections will be provided in urban areas of Rajasthan at a cost of Rs 150 crore.
6- 1650 will be recruited in Roadways, Roadways will buy 500 buses
In the budget, recruitment of 1650 employees in roadways has been announced. Along with this, roadways will also buy 500 buses and 300 electric buses. Apart from this, 800 buses will be hired.
7- Announcement to build a defense manufacturing hub in Rajasthan
A defense manufacturing hub will be established in the state. An export promotion policy will be introduced. The government will also create co-working space in the city. Petrozone will be established in Balotra. By-products from the Pachpadara refinery will be manufactured.
8- New tourism policy will be brought
Announcement of new tourism policy in the budget. Tourism Development Board will be formed. Rajasthan Heritage Conservation Board will be formed, this board will develop archaeological sites and heritage sites. Rajasthan Mandapam will be prepared on the lines of Bharat Mandapam of Delhi.
9- Corridor will be built for Khatu Shyam Ji temple
Like Kashi Vishwanath, a corridor of Khatu Shyam Ji temple will be built at a cost of approximately 100 crores. EV vehicles will run in Pandupol, Alwar and Trinetra Ganesh, Ranthambore.
10- Passenger capacity of Jaipur airport will be increased
The passenger capacity of Jaipur airport terminal will be increased to 70 lakh. Currently its capacity is 50 lakh.
A green field airport will be built in Kota.
11- Government will provide around 10 lakh jobs
In the budget, 4 lakh new recruitments have been announced in 5 years. More than 10 lakh employment opportunities have been announced. Along with this, the government will also bring a new youth policy.
12- Vice Chancellor will now be called by a new name
The Rajasthan government has changed the name of the Vice Chancellors of the universities to Kulguru. Now the Vice Chancellors will be called by the new name.
13- Students will get tablet and internet connection for free
It has been announced in the budget that students securing merit in 8th, 10th and 12th will get free tablets and internet connection. 20 new ITI’s will open in the state.
14- PM Unity Mall will be built in Jaipur
A new policy will be introduced in Rajasthan under One District One Product. A budget of Rs 100 crore has been given for this every year. To promote such products, PM Unity Mall will be built in Jaipur at a cost of Rs 200 crore.
15- Engineering colleges of these districts will be developed as RIT
Engineering colleges of Bharatpur, Bikaner and Ajmer will be developed as Rajasthan Institute of Technology with Rs 300 crore in the state. Basic facilities including library and toilets will be developed in schools at a cost of Rs 350 crore.
16- One District-One Sport Scheme will be implemented
One District-One Sport Scheme will be implemented. Academies of popular sports will be established in every district of Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap Sports University will be established with Rs. 250 crores. Sports colleges will be established at divisional level by spending Rs. 50-50 crores.
17- Open gyms will be built at the Gram Panchayat level
Open gyms and playgrounds will be built at the Gram Panchayat level in the budget. In the first phase, this facility will be developed in panchayats with a population of more than 10 thousand.
18- Khelo Rajasthan Youth Games will be organized
In the budget, arrangements have been made to organize Khelo Rajasthan Youth Games every year at block, district and state levels on the lines of Khelo India. Every year Rs 50 crore will be spent on this.
19- Provision of Atal Udyam Yojana in the budget
Atal Udyam Yojana has been arranged for the youth in the budget. Rs 25 crore has been announced for startups. Business innovation program will be run in the college, Rs 20 crore will be spent on it.
20- Forest Wildlife Training and Management Institute will open in Jhalana
Forest Wildlife Training and Management Institute will be opened in Jhalana at a cost of Rs. 40 crores. Along with this, early weaning systems will be developed in Alwar and Bhiwadi.
21. Jaipur Wall City Heritage Development Plan
Jaipur Wall City Heritage Development Plan will be made for the walled city area and monuments of Jaipur by spending 100 crores in the budget.