Land mafias have cut Aravalli, government accepted, Joint Government Home Secretary sought report

Udaipur : The government has also approved the campaign against cutting of Aravalli hills around the city. The government has accepted that land mafias cut the Aravalli hills and encroached. Land mafias bought the hills in advance after knowing the information about the upcoming master plan. It was revealed that land mafias built houses, plots and resorts by cutting the hills against the rules. Similarly, it was revealed that permission was given against the rules in the construction prohibition area for private khatedari land near Upla lake of Fatehsagar in connivance with the administrative officials. Joint Government Home Secretary Aparna Gupta has given instructions for action and has asked for a factual report. Along with this, the Mines Department, Revenue Department, Police and Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) have been directed to take action by running a campaign within 15 days. Read Government @ Page 17

People getting caught in the trap

By doing illegal planning, land mafias have built residential buildings and farm houses in eco-sensitive zones. Under the cover of these, they are running activities like paying guest houses, weekend houses and resort villas. They have opened rooms, swimming pools and restaurants against the rules. Also, when colonies are developed without land conversion, people are getting trapped by buying plots.

UDA also benefited

The UDA amended the master plan to benefit the so-called land mafia and built a 100 feet road from the Purohit pond in Chirwa. Meanwhile, the ecosystem was damaged by cutting 40 mountains. The land mafia did not even take construction approval from the Wildlife Environment Department and the National Green Tribunal.

hammered magra cut in wood

Land planning was done by cutting 80 bigha Hathmedi Magra situated at Lakadwas. Most of the part of the foothills is khatedari, while the upper part is bilanam. 4 bigha khatedari land at the foothills was taken by land mafia to make an 80 feet wide, 200 feet long road, but instead of the road, the plots were cut and the road was made up to the top of the hill.

The truth regarding the cutting of Aravali hills was exposed. The High Court has also taken cognizance of this. Along with the report from the District Administration, Municipal Corporation, UDA, photos and Google location related to the shape of the hills were also sought. The District Administration also conducted an investigation on this and submitted its reply in the High Court.

The mountains cut here

: Umarda, Kaladwas, Dhol ki Pati, Dakankotda, Titardi, Dhikali, Raghunathpura, Hawala, Badi, Nai, Gogunda, TD, Iswal, Rama, Govardhan Vilas, Balicha, Phanda, Kavita, Boozda, Sukher Jharniya, Debari, Kamalod, Pindwara Highway, Cheerwa, Amberi, Mohanpura, Eklingji etc.

collusion game

The land mafia, in touch with the officers and employees, got information about the master plan and bought the land and hills in advance. After the implementation of the master plan, the plots are being sold. Government employees are involved in benefiting the land mafia between Chirwa and Dhikali.

land of tribal

Most of the hills are in the name of tribals in the revenue records, but the land is occupied by land mafia. Tribals are lured and lands and hills are bought at very low prices. Hills are being cut in the name of planning plots and building farm houses.