Madan Dilawar is in danger due to his statement on tribals, now he has taken this step

Jaipur : Education Minister Madan Dilawar is on the target of the opposition and tribals after his statement on tribals. Dilawar is now engaged in damage control. To appease the tribals, he has recommended changing the name of Totka Chowk to Birsa Munda Chowk.

Madan Dilawar wrote a letter to KDA

Madan Dilawar has written a letter to the Commissioner of the Development Authority. He said that the statue of Lord Biras Munda should be installed at the intersection. Totka Chauraha is in Swami Vivekananda Nagar area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKota city. Education and Panchayati Raj Minister Madan Dilawar has written to the Commissioner of Kota Development Authority. It is written in the letter that Totka Chauraha is in a densely populated area. Due to lack of development, these accidents keep happening. Due to lack of proper lighting, people do illegal work here at night.

…because of this the intersection was named Totka Chauraha

People practice Totka at this intersection, hence the name of this intersection became Totka Chauraha. This intersection should be developed. Instructions were given to install the statue of Lord Birsa Munda here. The Government of India has decided to celebrate November 15 as Tribal Pride Day.

Dilawar got into trouble over his statement on DNA testing of tribals

Bharat Adivasi Party MP Rajkumar Roat had given a statement, “I am not a Hindu and the religion of the tribals is not Hindu.” Education Minister Madan Dilawar had reacted to Roat’s statement. Madan Dilawar had said, “If activities to break the country are started, he will not tolerate it. We will know from our ancestors. We will ask those who write genealogies. We will also get the DNA tested.” The tribal community had expressed anger over this statement of Madan Dilawar.