Monsoon is kind to these districts of Rajasthan, heavy rain, know the latest update

Jaipur : Monsoon clouds are kind in Rajasthan. Due to rain in different districts on Friday, common people got relief from heat and humidity. However, despite the arrival of monsoon in the capital, there was intense heat and humidity. In the last 24 hours, fluctuations in temperature were recorded. Monsoon has covered two-thirds of Rajasthan. The northern boundary of monsoon is passing through Churu of Jaisalmer Shekhawati. Monsoon is likely to cover the entire country in the next two-three days. Light to moderate rain will continue in western Rajasthan.

According to Jaipur Meteorological Center, monsoon has advanced in some more parts of south-western and eastern Rajasthan. Currently, the northern boundary of monsoon is passing through Jaisalmer, Churu. Conditions are favorable for the monsoon to advance in some more parts of the state in the next two-three days. There is a possibility of increase in heavy rain activities in some parts of north-eastern Rajasthan from 29 June. There is a strong possibility of heavy and very heavy rains in some parts of Jaipur, Bharatpur divisions during 29 June to 2 July. Thunderstorms and rain activities are likely to continue in some parts of Jodhpur, Bikaner divisions of western Rajasthan for the next two-three days. There is a possibility of increase in rain activities again in the first week of July.

Different colors of the weather

Humidity has increased as soon as drizzle started in Sikar. According to the weather department, an orange alert has been issued for heavy rain with thunder and lightning in Sikar and Jhunjhunu districts in the next three days. Different colors of weather were seen in Hadoti region on Friday. The weather was clear in the morning and evening. In the afternoon, there was heavy rain at some places and drizzle at others. There was drizzle in Bundi as well. A dozen goats died due to lightning in Mardia village in Hindauli area amid thunder. There was torrential rain in Panwad town of Jhalawar district. There was heavy rain with strong winds in Sojpur. Clouds remained on reaching Jodhpur when monsoon reached Jodhpur. Heavy rain occurred in Sursagar and half of the city before noon. Uncle-nephew got scorched due to lightning in Mohchingpura village of Dausa. During this, the electrical equipment kept in the house got damaged. There was drizzle in Mount Abu as well.

How much rain was recorded where

In the last 24 hours till Friday evening, 85.9 mm rain was recorded in Kota, 33.6 mm in Jodhpur, 41.2 mm in Mount Abu, 45 mm in Jalore, 61 mm in Dholpur, 1.5 mm in Jaipur, 35.6 mm in Pilani, 39 mm in Sikar, 19.8 mm in Barmer, 28.4 mm in Jaisalmer, 25 mm in Dungarpur and 42.4 mm in Ajmer.