New education policy in Rajasthan, first class will not be held in schools this year, know the reason

Jhalawar : With the coming of the new education policy on the ground, the concern of the teachers of the government schools of the state has started even before the school opens. In fact, recently an order has been issued by the Elementary Education Department. Under this, the age limit has been fixed for the admission of children. According to the new education policy, the children will be kept in the foundation stage from the age of three to eight years. In such a situation, the education of the children from three to six years will be conducted in Anganwadi along with Bal Vatika. Under the new education policy, the Education Department has started Bal Vatikas in 3300 English medium schools of the state, but Bal Vatikas have not been started in 62 thousand government schools of the state yet. In such a situation, the parents of young children are worried about the education of their children. Many parents are also looking for a private school nearby. Due to the age limit, the math of enrollment is likely to go wrong. After this order, there may be about 40 thousand less enrollment in the government schools of the district. This can reduce the enrollment in government schools of the state by 8 to 10 lakhs. This is also worrying the teachers of government schools.

There are new enrollments in every school

According to the new education policy, if there is no first class this year, then there will be no second class next year, this sequence will continue. Here in the state, the enrollment campaign is to start with the opening of schools next month. In every government school, on an average ten to fifteen new admissions take place in the first class. But this time the teachers of government schools are also worried about increasing enrollment.

This changed system in admission

Till last session, a child of five years of age was admitted in class one, but this year, under the provisions of the new education policy, only a child of six years of age will be able to get admission in class one. All the children who have completed five years have been admitted in the session 2023-24. Now they have become six years old and have come to class two. Children below the age of five will complete five years in this session. In such a situation, class one will not be conducted.