Northern railway to run 40 special trains during major bathing days of Maha Kumbh


Maha Kumbh

Prayagraj: Northern Railway plans to run around 40 special trains on the main ablution days of Maha Kumbh in 2025. Currently, preparations are underway for the operation of 40 special trains from Prayag railway station to Mauni Amawasi. Trains run every 20 minutes on all special days during Maha Kumbh. trailers,” said S.M. Sharma, Divisional Railway Manager, Lucknow. Vijay Kiran Anand along with the Kumbh Mela official inspected the activities in the city on Friday.

Maha Kumbh

Both the officials inspected the construction at Prayag, Babamau and Prayagraj Sangam stations. During an inspection at Prayag railway station, TRM said that a passenger roof and a footbridge are being constructed for the convenience of devotees. As it will be crowded, it will stop in front of Prayag railway station. The underground sewer system being built near the Prayag railway station was also discussed.

After Prayagam, the two officials reviewed the progress of work at Fabamau and Prayagraj Sangam stations. Trains departing from Prayagraj Sangam station will be closed on important days of Nathalam festival. On special festival days, all trains depart from Prayag railway station. Trains from Prayagaraja Sangam stop at Prayag Railway Station. Similarly, passengers should arrive at Prayag Railway Station during major bathing festivals.

Earlier there were rumors that trains would also depart from Prayagraj Sangam station during the major Maha Kumbh bathing festivals, but due to the uproar, the plan was shelved. Due to this, 15 pairs of trains depart from Prayagraj Sangam railway station. It was recommended to install air conditioners on the ground floor of the guest house at the station. Another toilet is also being built on the company premises. It was recommended that the overpass and other works at the station be completed as soon as possible. Earlier, rumors circulated about the inclusion of trains departing from Prayagraj Sangam station during the significant Maha Kumbh bathing festivals.

However, due to public outcry, the plan was abandoned. As a result, 15 pairs of trains currently depart from Prayagraj Sangam railway station. Suggestions were made to install air conditioning on the ground floor of the guest house at the station, and an additional toilet is under construction on the company premises. Urgency was expressed in completing the overpass and other pending works at the station.

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