Now external investigation in SMS is stopped, 5 member committee formed, know the matter

SMS Medical College has finally come into action mode in the case of “looting” of patients in the name of advanced tests. Taking cognizance of First India’s news, college principal Dr. Deepak Maheshwari has formed a five-member committee to investigate the entire matter. This committee will investigate which departments’ doctors are getting tests done from outside. What kind of tests are being done from outside and what are the obstacles in getting those tests done in the college. Along with this, all the HODs and faculty members of the college have also been instructed that as far as possible, the tests of admitted patients should be done in the hospital. If there is a need to get the advanced category test of any patient done from outside, then the record of the patient and the test should be maintained.

This should be mentioned in the treatment chart of the patient. On 24th June, First India had prominently raised the issue of looting of patients in the name of external investigation. Taking cognizance of the news, the Human Rights Commission has also issued a notice to the SMS Medical College administration and sought a reply.

The committee will investigate the “loot” in the name of investigation:

-Administration in action mode after First India’s news
-SMS Medical College Principal Dr Deepak Maheshwari formed a committee
-Committee formed in coordination with Additional Principal Dr. R.K. Jain
-Advisor in the committee Dr. Deepak Kumar Mathur, SMS Superintendent Dr. Sushil Bhati
-Super Specialty Hospital Superintendent Dr. Vinay Malhotra and
-Deputy Legal Advisor of the college was made a member