Now FIR can be registered in Rajasthan through WhatsApp and Telegram as well, know the new law

Jaipur : In Rajasthan, there will no longer be a need to go to the police station and argue for an FIR. You will also be able to register an FIR through means such as WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail. Similarly, now no one will be able to turn you away from the police station by telling you to go to the concerned police station and register an FIR. By adding the provision of Zero FIR in the new law, you will be able to register a report in any police station without worrying about jurisdiction. From July 1, the Indian Penal Code (IPC) will be replaced by the Indian Justice Code (BNS), the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) will be replaced by the Indian Civil Protection Code (BNSS) and the Indian Evidence Act (IEA) will be replaced by the Indian Evidence Act (BSA). Now many clear provisions have been made regarding FIR, and some old provisions have also been strengthened.

There will be less crowd in jail, punishment of community service

For the first time, ‘community service’ has been included as a punishment in Section 4 of BNS, so that the overcrowding of jails can be reduced. It has provisions for 6 minor crimes, such as returning stolen goods worth up to Rs. 5000, nuisance created by a drunkard in a public place, etc.

These are the main provisions

Zero number FIR: FIR can be registered for any crime anywhere in the country. That FIR will automatically get transferred to the concerned police station and that FIR will get a number there.
Information can also be given verbally: In cognizable offences, FIR can be registered at the police station on the basis of information given verbally or through electronic means.
E-FIR: FIR can be registered through any electronic medium including WhatsApp-Telegram. After registering it online, the applicant will have to appear at the concerned police station and sign it within three days.
FIR in SP office also: If FIR is not registered in the police station, then FIR can be given in the Superintendent of Police office as before.
FIR through Court: In case the police does not register an FIR, the provision of FIR through court has been kept the same as before.
PE before FIR: In crimes punishable with 3 to 7 years, police can also keep it for investigation after approval of DySP, but police level has to take decision about FIR within 14 days.
The cunning people who make children commit crimes will not be able to escape
Copy will be available: The victim will get the copy of the FIR free of cost from the police station.
Information in 90 days: The police will inform the victim about the progress of the investigation within 90 days.
Criminals will not be able to escape: Since there is a provision of only three years of punishment for crimes committed by children, criminals started using children in big crimes. Now, those who make children commit crimes will be directly considered as criminals in that case and an FIR will be registered against them.