Now the Congress MLA warned the Education Minister, know the whole political matter

Kota : Education Minister Madan Dilawar has landed in trouble for his statement on DNA test. Recently, Bharat Adivasi Party (BAP) MP Rajkumar Roat condemned his statement and said that my blood sample will be sent to his residence. Now Congress leaders are also targeting BJP by making this statement an issue. In this sequence, Hindoli MLA Ashok Chandna has entered. Chandna warned the Education Minister through a video on the social media platform X and said- “Minister ji! What will you do by checking DNA? If we meet the tribals on the way someday, they will check your DNA. Be careful. Listen to them. Otherwise the farmers had defeated Modi too. It did not take time to turn around and it will not take time to blow up your car too. This video of the Congress MLA is becoming increasingly viral on social media at this time.”

Congress state president called the education minister a “sample”

Congress state president Dotasara, while calling education minister Madan Dilawar a sample, said that in the previous government he was called the minister of ‘society stigma’. 14 cases are registered against Dilawar who learned to lie from RAS. He demanded the CM to take the resignation of minister Madan Dilawar who is illiterate and has a handicapped mentality.

If I don’t walk on my knees then my name is not Govind Dotasara

Congress workers demonstrated in front of the Collectorate on Monday regarding the cancellation of NEET exam, water-electricity, law and order and other issues. Before the demonstration, a meeting was held in front of the Circuit House, in which state president Govind Singh Dotasara took the Inspector General of Police to task over law and order and said that the IG should work according to the law. If the excesses on Congress workers do not stop and I am not forced to kneel down, then my name is not Govind Dotasara.

Case filed against Congress state president Dotasara

After the Congress protest, the police have registered a case against many people including state Congress president Govind Singh Dotasara, Congress leader Prahlad Gunjal. The names of Congress state president Govind Singh Dotasara, Leader of Opposition Tikaram Julie, MLA Ashok Chandna and others are included in the case. However, after the case was registered, the Congress state president has also reacted and said that does the cowardly and fearful BJP want to scare us with fake cases? Do they have the courage to take 1 or 100 cases and go to jail for fighting for public issues.