People will get many gifts in Rajasthan budget, these two records will be made in the assembly

Jaipur : Bhajanlal government’s first full budget will be presented in the assembly today. People in Rajasthan are keeping an eye on the first budget of Bhajanlal government. Because people of every section have a lot of expectations from the budget. It is believed that some announcements can be made in the budget regarding the promises made to the public. With Diya Kumari presenting the full budget of the state in the assembly at 11 am, the Bhajanlal government will make two records in its name. Bhajanlal government has independently appointed a finance minister for the first time in 20 years. In such a situation, Diya Kumari will present the first full budget as Finance Minister today. Earlier, whether it is BJP or Congress, their Chief Ministers used to present the budget. Because from 2004 to 2023, the Finance Department was with the Chief Minister. But now after 20 years, the Chief Minister will not present the budget as Finance Minister.

After 33 years, Rajasthan’s budget before the Centre

Apart from this, after 33 years, Rajasthan’s budget is coming before the central budget. Earlier this happened in 1991. The center has passed the vote on account till 31 August. Whereas Rajasthan government has taken the vote on account only till 31 July.
The well-being of every section is the focus in the budget

The budget is said to focus on the prosperity of every section. The Finance Minister can make several announcements regarding employment for the youth, water availability, making the state self-reliant in the energy sector, approval of 4 solar power projects of 2950 MW with an investment of Rs 10 thousand crore, making treatment accessible to all in the medical field, housing construction, making rural women millionaires.

This team prepared the budget
Additional Chief Secretary Finance Akhil Arora, Finance (Budget) Secretary Debashish Prishti, Finance (Revenue) Secretary Krishna Kant Pathak, Finance (Expenditure) Secretary Naresh Kumar Thakral and Director (Budget) Brijesh Sharma.