Police exposed this gang, the drug sellers turned out to be the robbers

Jaipur : Muhana police station on Monday arrested two members of the gang that used to rob purses and mobiles from passersby from Sitapura to Muhana. The accused have confessed to committing 12 incidents of purse and mobile robbery in the last two months. Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said that Aditya Chittoria Gaur and Sonu Tank, residents of Kachchi Basti Mali Ki Kothi in Kanota, have been arrested. The accused were running away after seeing the police team, when the bike slipped and both of them got a fracture in their legs. Police said that on the night of April 13, Bhawani Singh Chauhan, a resident of Balawala, was returning home from Mansarovar on a bike with his wife and two children, when the accused snatched the purse from his wife. His wife and children were injured after falling from the bike in the incident. The police team was searching for the accused. The accused told during interrogation that to show off, they used to sell medicines by putting up tents at different places. They used to carry out the crime by doing recce at night.