Police is also shocked by this incident in Rajasthan, wife did this to her husband, know the matter

Hanumangarh : A strange case has come to light in which a wife held her husband hostage in a room for two hours. The cashier somehow contacted the police and the police reached the spot and freed him. According to the information, Uttam Butter, who works as a cashier in Bank of Baroda, lives on rent in a building behind Indira Hospital. On Thursday evening, his wife held him hostage in his own house due to a mutual dispute. The cashier alleged that his wife has also filed a dowry case against him. On Thursday evening at around 8:30, the husband and wife had a dispute over something. After that, the wife locked him in the room. On receiving the information, Assistant Sub-Inspector Balwant Singh reached the spot and after convincing the woman, took her husband out and took him to the police station.

‘Husband beats me’

On the other hand, the cashier’s wife alleged that her husband stays out of the house for many days. Whenever he comes home, he beats her and does not even give any money for household expenses. Due to this, it is becoming difficult for her to raise her children. The woman said that when she talked to him about this on Thursday, he started beating her due to which she also got injured on her hand. Due to the dispute, he got angry and started leaving the house, so she closed the gate in front of him to stop him.