Rain wreaks havoc in Rajasthan, bridge washed away, many houses destroyed, water filled on roads

Jaisalmer : Due to pre-monsoon being active in Rajasthan, heavy rains continued in many parts of the state including Jaisalmer on Thursday and Friday. While heavy rains provided relief to people from the scorching heat, rains also showed their havoc in rural areas including Jaisalmer city. At some places, seasonal rivers flowed and at some places there was waterlogging. Due to waterlogging in a slum of the city, 50 houses were surrounded by water. Especially some small and big drains and culverts also became invisible in the water.

The small bridge over the Kak river was washed away
Due to heavy rains, a small bridge built in the flow area of ​​the rainy Kak river also broke and washed away. Due to the breaking of the culvert built on the Kak river, the road built there also got washed away in the water, due to which traffic was also disrupted. Villagers said that it was built on the Kak river near Kuldhara Khabha. This small bridge could not withstand even the first rain.. The bridge and the road also got washed away with the rain.

Where and how much rain fell in Jaisalmer?
According to the data released by the Meteorological Department, 26 mm rain was recorded in Sam of Jaisalmer, 20 mm in Chandan, 18 mm in Jaisalmer, 10 mm in Jhinjhinali, 10 mm in Nachana, 5 mm in Sonu, 1 mm each in Ramgarh and Chelak, 2 mm each in Devikot and Fatehgarh and 3 mm in Phalsund. Due to light and heavy rains at some places, waterlogging has occurred in many places in the city. At the same time, water started flowing on the roads due to overflowing of drains. Due to overflowing of rain water during the rain, about 50 houses of the Kachchi Basti located on the link road near Shaheed Jaisingh Bhati Chowk of the city were surrounded by water. On Friday morning, the rain water was drained by breaking the road with a JCB. After this, the people of the Kachchi Basti heaved a sigh of relief.

Monsoon entry in Jaisalmer on 1st July
According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon is expected to arrive in the district on July 1, due to which there is a possibility of rain on July 1 and 2. With the entry of monsoon in Jaisalmer on July 1, the period of rain will begin, after which it will rain continuously for three to four days.