Rajasthan Budget 202, box will open, these 10 big announcements are possible from CM

Jaipur : Bhajanlal government of Rajasthan is going to present its first full budget today. As Finance Minister, Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari will present the budget in the Assembly. By-elections are to be held in Rajasthan in the coming days. In such a situation, it is certain that the budget will be populist. Diya Kumari can make big announcements for every section in the budget. Let us tell you that Diya Kumari has already said that the budget has been made keeping all the sections in mind and there are big announcements for every section in the budget.

Know what will come out of Bhajanlal government’s box?

Gift of water: Announcement of funds for the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project is possible in the budget. With the implementation of this scheme, the problem of water will be solved in 21 districts of the state.
Announcement of three projects is possible: Under the Interlinking of Rivers, there is a plan to fill the dams in the drought-affected areas of the state. In such a situation, announcement of funds for three projects is possible.
Government jobs: Bhajan Lal government is most focused on the youth. In such a situation, it is clear that a big announcement can be made regarding government jobs. Before coming to power, BJP had claimed to provide 70 thousand jobs. Recently CM Bhajan Lal had said that he will soon announce government jobs. In such a situation, a big announcement of government jobs for the youth is certain.

Scope of reservation: CM Bhajanlal Sharma recently announced 50 percent reservation for women in third class teacher recruitment level one. In such a situation, it is believed that 50 percent reservation for women can also be announced in level two. Even before the budget, the government has indicated to increase the reservation for women in police recruitment from 30 to 33 percent. In such a situation, it is believed that the scope of reservation in other recruitments can also be increased from 30 to 33 or 35 percent.

Petrol and diesel will become cheaper: BJP came to power in Rajasthan with the promise of making petrol and diesel cheaper. After this, in December 2023, the Bhajanlal government gave a big relief by reducing VAT on diesel and petrol by 2 percent. Due to this, petrol and diesel became cheaper by up to five rupees in the state. It is believed that now once again there may be an announcement to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel in the budget.
Retirement age: Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma had recently hinted at increasing the retirement age of government employees. In such a situation, it is believed that an announcement to increase the retirement age of government employees to 65 years can be made in the budget.
State highways may become toll free: Vasundhara Raje had made state highways toll free during her second term. But, in 2018, as soon as Congress came to power, it restarted the state toll. But, it is believed that the Bhajanlal government may announce to make the state highways toll free again.
Lakhpati Didi Yojana: Modi government has started Lakhpati Didi Yojana. Under this scheme, it was announced to provide financial assistance of up to 1 lakh rupees to 1 crore women across the country. It was claimed that 10 lakh women of Rajasthan were included in this scheme. In such a situation, it is believed that the number of beneficiary women can be increased to 11 lakh in this budget.
Ayushman Health Scheme: Bhajan Lal government changed the name of Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme as soon as it came to power. Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme provided treatment up to Rs 25 lakh, but Bhajan Lal government’s Chief Minister Ayushman Health Scheme provides treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. Before the Lok Sabha elections, CM Bhajan Lal had talked about increasing the cover amount of the Chief Minister Ayushman Health Scheme. In such a situation, it is believed that the government can announce treatment up to Rs 10 lakh under this scheme.

There is a lot for farmers too: E-procurement system can be implemented on the lines of Madhya Pradesh for wheat purchase in Rajasthan. A policy can be announced to promote small and cottage industries in villages. The assistance amount for crop loss due to natural disasters can be increased. Arrangements can be announced at the Panchayat level to store the produce of farmers in the warehouse.