Rajasthan Budget 2024 This time the common people have expectations of these gifts in the budget, know

Jaipur : The minimum expenditure on a family wedding goes up to 20 to 50 lakh rupees because people don’t even have a place to get married and the government community halls are insufficient in terms of population. There are only 82 community halls for Jaipur’s population of 45 lakh and those too are in bad shape. In such a situation, the public wants the state government to announce 400 new community centers in its budget and the old ones should be made modern so that the lower and middle class can benefit because this is a need of the common man.

In Jaipur city, ordinary families are not able to arrange marriages of their children in less money because they do not have space in the localities and colonies to organize the function and the rent of the marriage garden is beyond their budget. On the other hand, the Municipal Administration rents out community centers for 11 to 14 thousand, but there is not a single center where ordinary families can celebrate their festivals. Because neither these have been painted nor have lights installed. The reason is that the Municipal Corporation does not have the budget to modernize them. If the government community centers are equipped with modern facilities, then the expenses of marriage of the common man will remain between 8 to 10 lakhs only. The government should build new community centers equipped with modern facilities and develop modern facilities in the old ones.

Members of Jaipur Vyapar Mahasangh and Arya Samaj will write a letter to the government

General Secretary of Jaipur Vyapar Mahasangh, Suresh Saini says that the government should build more than 400 community halls equipped with modern facilities in Jaipur. For this, he will also write a letter to the state government. Apart from banquet hall, there should be an open garden area in the community center. 10 to 20 rooms should be built in it, which should have ACs. Executive President of Arya Samaj Rajapark, Ravi Nayyar says that he will write a letter to the government. In the new community centers, everything from confectionery to wedding items should be easily available. There should be parking arrangements and surveillance cameras should be installed so that there are both facilities and security. For example, Maheshwari Samaj, Khandelwal Samaj and Jain Samaj have built their own community halls, which are equipped with modern facilities. Here, priority is given only to one’s own community.

Cultural festival and public welfare committee will write a letter to the government

The responsibility of taking care of community centers lies with the corporation’s cultural festival and public welfare committee. Its chairman Durgesh Nandani says that the municipal corporation lacks budget. In the upcoming budget of the state government, a separate budget should be given for modern community halls so that new community halls can be built in the city. It should have air-conditioned rooms and gardens. Also, the caretaker should also stay there so that bookings can be done from there.

Made for the public, the corporation administration is using it itself

The community centers of Murlipura and Jhotwara where the corporation has made two of its zonal offices. These community centers were earlier with JDA. Similarly, the corporation has made the zone office of Vidyadhar Nagar in the community center of Ambabari, where a population of about 3 lakh people resides. Apart from this, the RTO second office running in Vidyadhar Nagar was also a community center of the corporation which was given on rent to the RTO.