Rupali river swelled due to pre monsoon rain, five inches of rain here, roads flooded

Jhalawar : Monsoon is now awaited in the state. But before that, pre-monsoon rain brought relief in Jhalawar on Friday. Heavy rains occurred in many areas of the district from 9 am on Friday. Heavy rains occurred in many areas of the district including Sunel, Khanpur, Sojpur, Jhalrapatan, Chaumahala, Pidaawa, Bhawanimandi. The highest rainfall of the district was 5 mm in Khanpur area. Rainwater flowed like a river in the markets. Rupli river was in spate. Due to heavy rain in Khanpur, water entered shops and houses. The weather became pleasant after the rain in the entire district. At the same time, the rain started in Jhalawar city at around 11:15 am. It rained for about one and a half hours for the first time. After this, intermittent drizzle continued till 2 pm. According to the Meteorological Department, the speed of pre-monsoon will now increase in Rajasthan. During this time, the possibility of rain has been expressed in many districts of Rajasthan. Right now the weather has changed in some districts. Jhalawar remained cloudy throughout the day on Friday and cold winds blew after the rain. This brought relief from the heat. The district was experiencing severe heat for the past one month. There has been relief from that too.

Temperature dropped by 4 degrees-

On Friday, for the first time, the city witnessed continuous rain for more than two hours, which brought relief to people from the scorching heat. On Thursday, the maximum temperature was 38 degrees and it dropped by four degrees to 34 degrees. On Friday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 34 and the minimum temperature at 28 degrees Celsius.

The farmer prepared the field-

With the onset of monsoon, farmers have started preparing the fields before sowing. Farmers were seen working in the fields on Friday. As soon as there is good rain, sowing will start. It is worth noting that last year by this time the monsoon had become fully active. Sowing was also done in many areas of the district, but this time the monsoon was a little late.

Rupli river overflowing in the first rain-

On Friday, there was heavy rain in Khanpur area. Fields were flooded. After heavy rain, Rupali river was in spate. On the other hand, after heavy rain in Panwad, Sojpur etc., fields were flooded with water. In Sojpur, due to lack of drainage in the drain, the wall of the playground collapsed. In Baisar, the rain was so heavy that the road was cut off due to the flow.

Loss again in Khanpur-

– Water entered houses and shops in Khanpur town.
-Due to flood, Bhagwanpura village was cut off from Khanpur town.
– Due to the culvert on Dobda Road being submerged in water and the strong current, the villagers were unable to leave the village until 4 p.m.
-Due to the drains and sewers not being cleaned on time in Khanpur town, dirty rainwater entered the houses and shops.
– Due to the rise in the Rupli river, the river water spilled into the fields. The river continued to flow strongly till evening. – Machines and vehicles engaged in the construction of the canals of the Akawad dam remained stuck in the fields
– Mini secretariat was filled with water upto knee level. – Lawyers chambers were filled with water. Hence people had to take shelter in secretariat building.
-Work was halted in the sub-centre of Baisar also due to knee-deep water.
117 mm rain in Khanpur till evening

town rain in mm

Khanpur 117
Jhalawar 7
Raipur 5
Akleera 18
asnawar 10
Bacani 2
Doug 45
Gangdhar 84
Jha.Patan 9
M.Police Station 23
Pachpahar 72
Pidawa 6
Sunel 37