Salt will be produced again in this district of Rajasthan, 198 industries will be set up

Barmer : Construction of salt mines will start in Hiragarh area near the refinery. About 500 bighas of land has been reserved for setting up the salt industry. A meeting was held between District Collector Sushil Kumar and the Salt Producers Association. In the meeting, it was agreed to start the work after the rains.

198 salt mines were closed in Pachpadra

Due to the construction of the refinery in Pachpadra, 198 salt mines were filled up, due to which people associated with this salt industry also protested and demanded compensation. In 2013, land was selected for the refinery. The then Congress President Sonia Gandhi laid the foundation stone. After this, the construction of the refinery started in 2018. 198 salt mines built on the land allotted for the refinery were filled up.

500 bighas of land was allotted in Hiragarh

People of Kharwal community associated with salt industry demanded for a long time to build new mines and compensation. When their demands were not heard, they even approached the High Court. Then the government allotted 500 bighas of land in Hiragarh near the refinery. An amount of Rs 5 crore was sanctioned for the construction of new mines. After this, it was increased to Rs 7 crore 85 lakh.

Balotara was once known for salt production

Once there were 1200 salt mines in this area. Now only half the mines are left. This area was once a big salt trading centre, here along with the railway station there was also an office of the Salt Department. With time, due to the decrease in salt production, people associated with this business started another business. Due to this, the Salt Department also closed its office here.

At present, salt is produced in 443 salt mines.

Later, the railways also removed its rail line from here, due to which this industry came on the verge of closure. Only a few people are now associated with this salt business. At present, salt production is going on in only 443 salt mines. The rest of the mines have been closed and damaged. The process of salt formation starts after the rainwater accumulates in these salt mines built deep in the alkaline area. Now this salt industry is fighting for its existence in front of the shine of refinery in this area.