Tenders worth crores were given to these companies in two years, know the whole matter

Jaipur : ED is collecting information about the money trail from contractor Mahesh Mittal, who was arrested a day ago in the JJM (Jal Jeevan Mission) scam. Mahesh Mittal is a relative of previously arrested contractor Padmachand Jain. Both of them were in collusion in the PHED department that they used to get most of the tenders. Padmachand Jain and his son Piyush’s Shri Shyam Tubewell Company and Mahesh Mittal’s Shri Ganapati Tubewell Company were given 51 tenders in the year 2021-22 itself. In this, 25 tenders were given to Shyam Tubewell Company and 26 to Ganapati.

ED had earlier submitted a chargesheet against arrested Piyush Jain and said that tenders worth Rs 638 crore were given to both the companies in the year 2021-22. After giving all these tenders, payments were also made on the basis of fake work completion certificates of M/s IRCON Company. The department did not even consider it necessary to investigate this certificate.

After giving the tender in JJM, the department paid about 288 crores to Ganpati Tubewell Company. Out of this, 34.55 lakhs were transferred from Ganpati Tubewell Company’s account to Piyush Jain’s account and 10.29 lakhs were transferred to Ankita and Piyush Jain’s joint account. This also exposes collusion. The investigating agency said that Padmachand Jain and Mahesh Mittal are relatives. Apart from this, information about another payment has been given in the charge sheet. According to this, under JJM, 25 crores were paid to Shyam Tubewell Company, 288 crores to Ganpati Tubewell and 110 crores to another account of Shyam Tubewell Company. After this, these payments were deposited in installments in several accounts of Mahesh Mittal, Piyush Jain, Padmachand Jain at different times.