Terror of stray dogs, injuring people every day, scratched a woman, know the matter

Banswara : Another incident of street dogs attacking humans in the city and district occurred on Thursday. A street dog attacked a woman walking on the road and scratched her hand. She got 30 stitches, while a girl student injured in the attack also got four stitches. Both are being treated at Mahatma Gandhi District Hospital. The family members present in the hospital told that on Thursday morning around 8:30, girl Kinjal daughter Badami Lal was going to school. During this time, a street dog attacked her while barking. It bit the girl badly near her left elbow. People nearby ran and took care of the girl, by then the street dog also attacked a woman Bhuri wife of Laxman sitting outside the house and bit her on her left hand.

Before the woman could save herself, he cut her in many places. The villagers took the injured woman and the girl to the government hospital in Arthuna. After first aid there, the doctor referred both of them to Banswara.
They were brought to MG Hospital by 108 ambulance and admitted. The woman got a total of 30 stitches on her hand and other parts. The girl got 4 stitches. Both of them have been admitted to the ward for 2 days and are being treated.