The businessman’s son fabricated a false story of his own kidnapping, the police exposed it, know the matter

Jalore : In Jalore district of Rajasthan, the son of a granite trader faked his own kidnapping for money. Trader Ratan Lohar’s son Rajendra also sent a threatening letter to his father and demanded a ransom of Rs 6 lakh. He kept the Jalore police on the move for 3 days. Finally, 7 teams of Jalore police reached the bottom of the case on Thursday after scanning more than 100 CCTV cameras. They caught the trader’s son in the bushes on the way to Ranakpur where he was resting.

Formula to make granite stone shine and Rs 6 lakh cash demanded as ransom

Jalore’s Additional Superintendent of Police Rameshwarlal said that 25-year-old son Rajendra of granite trader Ratan Lohar, who lives in Kotwali police station area, went missing on Monday. After this, Ratan Lohar received threatening messages around 5.30 pm. It was written in them that if you want to see your son alive, then come to the given address with 6 lakh cash and the formula of a stick made to make granite stones shine. After this, Ratan Lohar registered a case of kidnapping and ransom in the police station.

Fake kidnapping story

Ratan Lohar’s son Rajendra went missing on June 17
Messages came in the evening for ransom
6 lakh rupees and a formula for polishing granite was demanded
The father filed a report with the police
Police kept searching for 3 days
On June 20, Rajendra was found resting in the bushes on the way to Ranakpur

was resting in the bushes

The police then started the search and after three days of investigation it was found that the businessman’s son himself had fabricated the story of his kidnapping. The police caught Rajendra on the way between Desuri-Ranakpur at 4.15 pm on Thursday. He was resting in the bushes some distance away from the road. As soon as Rajendra’s location was found during the investigation, the police teams in that area tried to find him with technical assistance.

Location was not easily available due to iPhone

Abhay Command and Cyber ​​teams were also constantly tracing him. Rajendra had an iPhone so his location could not be easily traced. Wherever the police saw Rajendra in CCTV footage, he was alone. In such a situation, the police suspected that he had fabricated the story of kidnapping.

Sent two messages to father for ransom

Additional Superintendent of Police said that Rajendra left his house on Monday after lunch to go to the granite factory. He went from his house in Third Phase to Narayanavas via Dhavala. From there he reached Sirohi via Barloot. Police saw him in the camera at Goyli crossing of Sirohi. He had covered his face with a handkerchief. It was from this place that he sent the first ransom message on Monday evening. After this he returned to Jalore. He sent the second message from near Budatra river. It was here that his father Ratan Lohar reached with the ransom money along with the police.

The location was revealed as soon as the phone was turned on

Rajendra had threatened to come to the location (between Chhipadwara-Harji) by keeping the car’s indicator on. But on Tuesday, after seeing many vehicles, he cancelled the deal. After this, he switched off his phone. On Wednesday afternoon, he opened his phone for a while. During this time, his location was found near Janiyana village near Samdari. On Thursday, Rajendra switched on his phone several times. When he switched on his phone in the afternoon, the location was found to be Netra.
After this, Jalore and Ahor police station officers and DST in-charge reached that area. Then his location was found around Rani-Khimel. After this, with the help of Pali police, he was caught on the way to Ranakpur at 4:15 pm on Thursday evening.