The case of the death of a student in Rajasthan remains a mystery, did he die due to drowning or something else, know the matter

Jaipur : Questions are being raised on the death of the student in the swimming pool located in the Rajasthan University campus. The family and acquaintances of the deceased student are shocked to know that the depth of the place in the swimming pool where the student is said to have died by the university administration is only three and a half feet. After all, how can a 21-year-old post-graduation student Vikas Yadav drown in a depth of 3 and a half feet. However, the post-mortem report of the deceased student is yet to come. Only after this report will the real cause of death be revealed.

He was swimming with his friends and suddenly drowned

Many students go swimming in the swimming pool located in the Rajasthan University campus in the morning and evening. Vikas Yadav, who did his PG from the Physics Department while staying at Ambedkar Hostel, also used to go swimming in the evening batch. He reached the swimming pool with his friends at 5 pm on Thursday, 27 June. He was swimming with his friends. After about half an hour, Vikas drowned in the water. When his friends saw Vikas unconscious in the water, they immediately informed the coach. The coach and other students took Vikas out, till then he was breathing.

died before being taken to hospital

Swimming pool coach Vijay Vishnoi says that Vikas Yadav was taken out of the swimming pool and given first aid but he did not regain consciousness. Later, with the help of other students, the coach took Vikas Yadav in his car to Sawai Mansingh Hospital where doctors declared him dead. The coach says that the depth of the place in the swimming pool where Vikas was found unconscious is only three and a half feet. In such a situation, the big question is how did Vikas drown in a depth of only three and a half feet.

The Vice Chancellor ordered an inquiry

The deceased student Vikas Yadav was a resident of Neem Ka Thana district. After Vikas’ death, Rajasthan University Vice Chancellor Professor Alpana Kateja also reached Sawai Mansingh Hospital and talked to the doctors. Kateja said that the death of a promising student is a big loss. The Vice Chancellor said that at present the post-mortem report is being awaited so that it can be known what was the reason for Vikas’ death. Meanwhile, the university administration has started investigating the case at its own level.

NSUI made allegations against the university administration

When the Vice Chancellor reached Sawai Mansingh Hospital, many NSUI students also reached the hospital. The students raised slogans against the university administration. NSUI national spokesperson Ramesh Bhati says that the university administration is lying about Vikas Yadav’s death. According to Bhati, Vikas Yadav died due to drowning in too deep water. At the time of Vikas’ death, there were no security guards present near the swimming pool.