The crisis deepens for thousands of children studying under RTE in Rajasthan, know the matter

Jaipur : Under the Right to Education Act, thousands of children studying free of cost in private schools of the state are facing the crisis of fees in the middle of the session. These are the children whose admission was being shown in government schools along with private schools in the last session. But later on verification, they were found admitted in private schools only, but the Directorate of Education, considering the verification report to be flawed, directed to get the verification done afresh. Now since the new session has started and the reimbursement amount of the old session of these children has not been released yet. Hence the school operators have started demanding fees from those children. In such a situation, the crisis of studies in the middle of the session has deepened for these children from economically weaker sections.

pay fees or leave school

On one hand, this process of fresh verification is causing delay in getting the reimbursement amount, on the other hand, school operators have started demanding fees from the children. In such a situation, the parents of the children admitted in private schools with the hope of free education are left with the option of either paying the fees or getting their children out of private school and getting them admitted in government schools.

331 children in Sikar

In Sikar district, the reimbursement amount of 331 children of the elementary and secondary education department was stopped in the last session after getting admission in government schools. Out of these, after verification, 210 children got admission in government and other places, but 121 children got admission only in private schools. But now the education department will get them verified again. My son is studying in a private school. He was found studying there even in the verification. But now the school operators are demanding fees after not getting the reimbursement amount. The department should take appropriate action in the matter soon. The children admitted in RTE, who were found to be double enrolled, are being verified afresh. Soon the status of the reimbursement amount will become clear.