The game of ragging is still going on in Rajasthan, MBBS student made to do sit-ups, condition is serious, know the matter

Dungarpur : After ragging of a MBBS first year student, his condition is critical. A senior student (MBBS second year) called the first year student to a hill near the college. He was made to do more than 300 sit-ups. This has damaged his kidney and liver. On the other hand, 7 accused second year students have been suspended from the college. The case is of Dungarpur Medical College.

Sadar police station officer Girdhari Singh said- The report has been filed by the principal of Medical College Dungarpur, S Bala Margunvelu. This entire incident of ragging took place one and a half months ago on 15 May. According to the report- first year MBBS student Harshit Khanna (name changed) was ragged in the medical college itself. Second year MBBS senior students Devendra Meena, Ankit Yadav, Ravindra Kulriya, Surjeet, Vishnuendra Dhayal, Siddharth Parihar and Aman Ragera called Harshit Khanna to a hill near the college. After this, he was ragged and made to do more than 300 sit-ups.

The principal filed a report

He was treated in Dungarpur hospital, but there was no relief. The family took him to a private hospital in Gujarat. Investigations revealed that Harshit’s kidneys and liver were affected. After this, he had to undergo dialysis four times. The college principal has suspended all the 7 students who were involved in ragging. On the principal’s report, Sadar police station has registered a case of ragging against 7 students. Sadar police station officer Girdhari Singh is investigating the case.