There was a stir in Rajasthan, everyone was shocked to see this horrifying sight, know the matter

Jaisalmer : The family members of a house in Jaisalmer city were shocked when 11 baby cobra snakes, i.e. snakelets, came out of the house at once. Snake catcher Prem collected all the snakes in a plastic bucket and took them to the forest and left them safely. This incident took place in a house located in Bhoota Colony of the city.

According to the information, the snake catcher got information that a baby snake was sitting outside a house. He went there and rescued it, after which he looked into the pipeline and found another baby snake, which was also taken out. When Prem dug the pipeline from inside the house, many baby snakes were seen together. After about 6 hours of hard work, they were rescued.

During this time, panic spread among the people living in the house. According to the snake catcher, all these are members of the cobra snake family and despite being babies, they are dangerous. He told that all the snakes have been locked in a jar and taken to the forest and released there. He told that the cobra snake is very poisonous and its bite can put life in danger.