These announcements were made in the budget for the farmers of Rajasthan, know what is special

Jaipur : Important announcements have been made for farmers in the full budget of Bhajanlal government in Rajasthan Assembly. Finance Minister Diya Kumari has made a separate budget for agriculture. 5 important announcements have been made for farmers in the agriculture budget. In which announcements related to irrigation, electricity, agricultural marketing, modern agriculture and agricultural development have been made. Agriculture in Rajasthan is dependent on monsoon. In such a situation, the government has given more emphasis to the farmers regarding the irrigation system. Finance Minister Diya Kumari has made important announcements related to irrigation, electricity, agricultural marketing, modern agriculture and agricultural development in her budget. For this, schemes like ERCP project, Indira Gandhi Canal Project Renovation, Voluntary Load Increase Scheme, Kusum Scheme, National Agricultural Development Scheme and Govardhan Organic Fertilizer have been announced.

Budget for irrigation

To provide irrigation facilities in more than 2 lakh 80 thousand hectares of area in Rajasthan, it is proposed to get the works of 5 important links and Chambal basin done in a phased manner under the ERCP project. Along with flood protection management, there is a plan to establish a Run off Water Gride by making a long term plan so that such water can be used properly. In which work will be done for many dams at a cost of more than 30 thousand crore rupees. Along with this, a budget of 1 thousand 430 crores has been presented for renovation and irrigation related work in the second phase of Indira Gandhi Canal Project. This year, 5 thousand farmers will be given subsidy for the construction of diggy in the canal area. About 160 crore rupees will be spent for this.

budget for electricity

Among the farmers who have not got electricity connection in Rajasthan, there are 1 lakh 45 thousand electricity connections which will be completed. Also, for the convenience of farmers, Voluntary Load Increase Scheme will be implemented to increase the electricity load of agricultural connections. Along with this, work will be started from next year for solarization of agricultural connections through Kusum Yojana. This will provide electricity to farmers for irrigation even during the day. However, this work will be completed by the year 2027.

budget for agricultural development

To implement agriculture and horticulture projects in the state in a quick and timely manner, to increase the use of new technologies in agriculture and to ensure farmer welfare, Rajasthan Agriculture Development Scheme will be formed on the lines of National Agriculture Development Scheme. This year, work worth Rs 650 crore has been proposed for Rajasthan Agriculture Development.

Budget for modern agriculture

A grant of Rs 200 crore will be provided for technology based equipment for modern agriculture in Rajasthan. Organic and Conventional Farming Board will be formed to provide all the necessary assistance and training to farmers. It has been announced that assistance of up to Rs 10,000 per farmer will be given to 50-50 farmers at the block level to start Govardhan Organic Fertilizer Scheme for producing organic fertilizer from cattle. Knowledge Enhancement Programme will be started for increasing the capacity of farmers. Under this, in the first phase, 100 progressive young farmers will be sent to Israel and other countries. Also, 5 thousand youths will be sent for training to different states of the country.

Agricultural Marketing Budget

It has been announced that interest-free short-term crop loan worth Rs 23 thousand crore will be distributed for agricultural marketing in Rajasthan this year. Under this, 5 lakh new farmers will also be able to get loans. For this, Rs 736 crore will be spent on interest subsidy.

It has been announced that the scope of long term agricultural loan given by cooperative banks for land improvement will be increased to Rs. 100 crore. Along with this, it is proposed to provide 5 percent interest subsidy on long term cooperative non-agricultural loans. About 64 crores will be spent for this. Along with this, it has been announced to form 500 new Farmer Producer Organizations in a phased manner to make the market system accessible and tax strong for the farmers. A subsidy of about 22 crore rupees will be provided to 2 thousand 500 farmers for the construction of onion storage structure.